Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Musical Creation

Play a song at the beginning of the session. Everyone has a pen and blank sheet of paper. Draw lines to make three columns.

In one column, write down every noun you hear in the song. In the next, write down every verb or action you hear. In the third, write down every descriptive word you hear. If you feel unsatisfied with your lists, listen to the song again. If you listen to it three times, that should be enough, or you should pick another song.

The nouns are Setting and Character elements. The verbs are Skills/Powers/Cool Shit. The descriptive words are modifiers that can be attached to any of the above.

Now, you see what nouns are everyones sheet. All that stuff has to go into the Setting. If someone wants something to go in and its on a majority of sheets, it goes in. If its not, its up to a vote. Or something. It would probably be valuable to devise some kind of bidding/sacrifice interaction for this step. Once all of the elements off the sheet are in place, the group fleshes out the setting/world through kibbitzing and conversation.

Now, characters get all the stuff they have under the second column on their character sheet. They also write down all the descriptor stuff in a different place on the sheet.

Resolution is along the lines of spending stuff on your sheet, and using the modifiers to re-spend them.

Whats missing? Situation, probably some kind of baseline stats for characters. An example - maybe next time.

Character Sheet:

Tequila's a noun. It would be a setting element!

Drinking, now that would go on the character sheet.

Who are you?
I like the idea, simply for the variety. Just think how diffrent a game based on "Freind is a Four Letter Word" by Cake would be from one based on "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror.

Also, some songs are easier to do this too than others - I mean, take a song from a broadway musical, and compare it to, like, Pink Floyd at their wierdest. I can see a lot of cool emergent behavior from this kind of thing.
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